Zach Clayton
Zach cr
Younow BruhItsZach
Age 16
Birthday June 22
Friends Nick Bean Rudan Custodio Timmy Connors Edwin Burgos
Relationships Baby Ariel (ex-girlfriend)

Danielle Perkins (girlfriend)

Supporters Zebruhs
Nicknames squirrel, King of Younow
Location Round Rock, TX

Zachary Reed Clayton (born June 22, 2000) is a YouNow and social media personality.

Biography Edit

Zach Clayton is from Round Rock, Texas and lives with his family, including his mom Apryll who manages his career. Bullied and hyper as a child, Zach discovered YouNow in June 2014 and it forever changed his life. YouNow gave him an outlet to express himself and he quickly won supporters with his constant energy and willingness to do anything to entertain. Through YouNow, he has built up a growing social media empire that has no end in sight.

Soccer Edit

Zach dreamt one day of being a professional soccer player and played on a number of local club teams. Unfortunately, as his social media status grew, he had less time to practice and play. He was forced to give up soccer for his YouNow and social media career. Although he still maintains a love for the sport.

Social Media Edit

All social media is BruhItsZach

  • YouNow - 1,000,000 fans
  • Twitter - 360,000 followers
  • Instagram - 990,000 followers
  • YouTube - 785,000 subscribers
  • YouTube views - 7,000,000

Notes Edit

  • He says he was bullied as a child and thanks YouNow for helping him overcome his fears.
  • He does online school.
  • He is the youngest in 5quad by 3 years.
  • He recently as of 2016 began drivirg4tng.
  • He is known to be willing to do anything to entertain his supporters, including drinking toilet water as a dare.
  • He is not circumcised.
  • He expected only a few supporters to show up at his first meet and greet in late 2014. Only a over a year later in 2016, he is popular enough to be able to go on his own small meet and greet tour without 5quad.
  • When 5quad was in Miami to record music, he met star Baby Ariel. The two became friends. Their interaction began the ship Zariel.
  • At Playlist Orlando, they confirmed that they were dating.
  • After Vidcon, they unfortunately confirmed they broke up.
  • A number of his friends from Texas have become social media figures themselves purely through their association with Zach.
  • He was reportedly set to appear on Magcon 2016, but was dropped instead for social media rival Jacob Sartorius.
  • He and fellow 5quad member Nick Bean form the extremely popular relationship Zick. Some supporters even refer to themselves as Zicksexual to show they are attracted to both Zach and Nick.
Zach Clayton - Nothin' But Love (Official Music Video)03:44

Zach Clayton - Nothin' But Love (Official Music Video)

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