Bianca Sotelo
Younow Biancasotelo14
Age 18
Birthday Feburary 15, 1999
Relationships Nick Bean (boyfriend)
Ship Name Nianca
Location Houston, TX

Bianca Sotelo (born Feburary 15, 1999) is a YouNow and social media personality.

Biography Edit

Bianca Sotelo was born in Houston, TX. She has 4 sisters and 2 brothers. She started YouNow in August of 2014. She is friends with Nicole Anderson, Mario Selman, Alexis Simone, Karlee Steel, and Zach Clayton

Social Media Edit

All social media is biancasotelo14

  • YouNow - 19,000 fans
  • Twitter - 3,500 followers
  • Instagram - 16,000 followers

Relationship with Nick Edit

  • Bianca and Nick have known each other since 2014
  • They started talking to each other in early 2015
  • She was an original mermaid
  • She was the girl Rudan put the camera on when she was in Nick's bed during a 5quad broadcast in early 2015
  • Nick said she was loyal and helped him out with posters for his supporters
  • They were involved with each other during the spring and summer of 2015, but Nick also began pursuing Madeline Phillips
  • They were together at Playlist Orlando 2016
  • She got into a fight over Nick with his ex Skye Raae at Playlist. Skye tried to get back with Nick and Bianca later attacked her when she tried to enter a room Nick was sleeping in
  • Nick and Bianca were together at Vidcon 2016 where he bought her a watch and purse
  • They were together in Nick's apartment when he moved to Los Angeles in July 2016
  • When Nick plays Kiss, Marry, Kill, he always marries Bianca
  • Bianca was accused of stealing $1900 from Karina Conti and Allex Gringas, but Nick defended her and claimed she didn't need money and Karina is a known liar
  • In September 2016, Nick confirmed that he is dating Bianca on a Mr.Cashier broadcast that was replayed on Messy Monday
  • A number of their troubles have been documented on Messy Monday
  • They are are openly dating now